Monday, May 2, 2011

The Fallen General--Osama Bin Laden At the Backyard of Life

Oh boy, a sweet rhyme flows in me; 'an Obama has killed an Osama' beat that! After all without the Bad guys, how do the Good guys shine? And without the Darkness, how does the Light make a difference?

Osama was a moslem; but does Osama represent Islam? Or is he an Islamic figure? Would the true Islamic world accept Osama been portrayed as an Islamic figure? Or is there truly a linkage between Islam and terror?

Head or tail, this would have happened anytime, anyway; but my thought now is-the burial at sea of Osama because he was a moslem,marks to me a kind of lasting respect to a man(looking from the eyes of the world) who 'do not deserve it'. For a man of Osama's pedigree, should not the 24hrs Islamic rite be denied his body and let the world see it? Hmmm...the action is in a way an irritation to Islam that has been stylized 'terror' in an undertone.

I do not think a honorable General do not deserve a good death/burial from another General who has captured him and also I think a dishonorable General like Osama(from the eyes of the world) deserves a honorable death/burial. It wouldn't have sparked any trouble in whatever region of the world if Osama was not buried immediately at sea according to rite(not even among the Islamic world)-to my mind. However, this has only created a fishy and unnecessary suspicion about the whole operation.

But anyway, congratulations to President Obama it's a great achievement. It takes a Prince to bind a Prince, a Lion to raise a Lion, you have excelled President Obama. Osama came; he lived and made his mark, with his imprints left behind for generations to come to learn from.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Current Political Intrigues and the Drums of War

For those who do not yet know what happened in hell when Jesus Christ died and went down to hell, let me explain; there was a conference of all powers of darkness and massive celebration of the death of the Master by satan and his demonic hosts and angels. Champagne, Cognac, Bacardi, Johnny Walker, Whiskey, Cigarettes, pot, weed, cocaine etc and all assorted drinks, drugs and narcotics, with human heads on platters of silver and gold as barbecue. They were irate and joyous when suddenly a rumbling voice startled the celebration as they beheld what they never expected, even the master devil was the first to hide because Life came to death; death swallowed life and death died. The entrance of Jesus into hell wasn’t what the host of hell expected; the ensued war was fierce as Jesus dispossessed satan and collected from him the key to hell and made public shame of satan, so that those held bound in hell and had for long lived in fear of death could be liberated.

Suddenly and unconsciously, the greatest political war Nigeria or perhaps the world has ever seen is already stirred up, though Nigerians and the world might not realize it; yet this is one long drawn war to rage for a very long time between the household of Saul and David.
Mr. JEGA has won the Presidential ticket of the PDP now and there is partly celebration and self confidence that ASO ROCK is an assured comeback come May 29 this year of our Lord and this is because the almighty and one and only party of Africa the PDP has anointed him to be. Yet there are many enemies, unhappy with JEGA right now, who are wishing and probably wishing that JEGA would mistakenly sip a poison and fall down and die so that they take his place. And in this category is the Adamawa boy—Atiku and the one and only ‘We are still in Power’ a.k.a IBB. At the other camp with JEGA-oh by the way, just so you don’t know we have 2 JEGAs, one is Jega of INEC while the other is JEGA 1 of Nigeria (Jonathan Ebele Goodluck Azikiwe). So like I was saying, at this other camp with JEGA is the almighty ebora of Owu, one and only ‘shut up! I’m not supposed to be here’ (Source: Ikeja Bomb Blast) a.k.a OBJ. all these figures are sworn enemies among themselves and it won’t be long from now before you begin to see the drawn battle that produced: ‘I dey laugh o!’, ‘eh, eh, me self dey laugh o!’ synergize to produce: ‘we be one o’.

Believe me, these figures have all come to their ends and they will all put together their strength and all they represent to fight a common war because they have a common destiny ‘to fall right down’. And to avert this, they will muster their forces together and join to JEGA who will make tradeoffs with them to have each others back because of the sudden entrance of a two edged trouble into their midst in the persons of General Muhammad Buhari and Pastor Tunde Bakare.

So much is at stake here: if IBB loses his investments in Egypt and who knows maybe in Tunisia too if he has any there; he will not fold his arm and watch his empire crumble knowing well that a Buhari/Bakare presidency is a forgone conclusion for his going down, he will fight and drag along with him all his forces of darkness. Or how do you explain a Buhari/Bakare presidency to OBJ? the Alliance above have a common destiny and they will fight to ensure this duo do not smell that presidency. But then shall be fulfilled the verdict that says in 1 kings 20:11 that says: ‘let him that puts on his armor not boast like him who takes it off’.

After the annulment of the June 12 and the resultant wrath of Nigerians it pulled across the nation; coffins with images of IBB were carried in Ibadan and mighty Ijebu with enough akara for the wake keeping, years after, the man IBB was still active and alive, so I said to people since all these done at Ibadan and Ijebu couldn’t terminate this man’s life, this is God’s assignment and I kind of feel within me that the downfall of those who for long held this nation and her people bound is here.

As for me, I do not pity Buhari/Bakare as a result of this ensued war because I know the end of the matter already after all, a war strategist said: he who is doomed for destruction thinks about the battle first before the victory but he destined for victory thinks about victory first and even rejoices before the battle. And did Jesus not say ‘be of good courage, I have overcome the world?’ this is a fierce and long drawn battle, but the outcome is determined already.

But if you are so curious to know about the outcome: send me 20 chickens, 15 cows, 30 rams and 50,000 N1000 notes that has never been spent before, directly from the mint and I tell you. And lastly ‘don’t die before the New Nigeria, keep your panties dry.’

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valley of Decision--the call of Destiny!

In the Field of Destiny, by the way of the Valley of Decision; you either look up and move up or look to the corners of the earth and sink deep below. However when you turn back in the day of battle and refuse to step into your own destiny, you abort the destinies of many who are connected to yours.