Monday, May 2, 2011

The Fallen General--Osama Bin Laden At the Backyard of Life

Oh boy, a sweet rhyme flows in me; 'an Obama has killed an Osama' beat that! After all without the Bad guys, how do the Good guys shine? And without the Darkness, how does the Light make a difference?

Osama was a moslem; but does Osama represent Islam? Or is he an Islamic figure? Would the true Islamic world accept Osama been portrayed as an Islamic figure? Or is there truly a linkage between Islam and terror?

Head or tail, this would have happened anytime, anyway; but my thought now is-the burial at sea of Osama because he was a moslem,marks to me a kind of lasting respect to a man(looking from the eyes of the world) who 'do not deserve it'. For a man of Osama's pedigree, should not the 24hrs Islamic rite be denied his body and let the world see it? Hmmm...the action is in a way an irritation to Islam that has been stylized 'terror' in an undertone.

I do not think a honorable General do not deserve a good death/burial from another General who has captured him and also I think a dishonorable General like Osama(from the eyes of the world) deserves a honorable death/burial. It wouldn't have sparked any trouble in whatever region of the world if Osama was not buried immediately at sea according to rite(not even among the Islamic world)-to my mind. However, this has only created a fishy and unnecessary suspicion about the whole operation.

But anyway, congratulations to President Obama it's a great achievement. It takes a Prince to bind a Prince, a Lion to raise a Lion, you have excelled President Obama. Osama came; he lived and made his mark, with his imprints left behind for generations to come to learn from.

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